Astana, as the capital of Kazakhstan, has a bright individuality and is full of incredible discoveries. Astana today is a combination of traditions and modernity, classics and futurism, sometimes it seems that this is a combination of the incongruous, but the external appearance of the city is surprisingly harmonious. In our review, we will tell you about the main top sights of the capital of Kazakhstan, what is worth seeing if you are in Astana for the first time. But for the sake of justice it should be noted that the architecture of the city is represented in such a way that almost every corner of the city is photogenic and memorable in its own way, therefore, while walking around the city from one landmark to another, you will make many more discoveries for yourself.

So the list of the best tourist places in front of you:

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Baiterek Tower

The Baiterek Monument is the central architectural composition that completes the appearance of the renovated capital of Kazakhstan. The tower has long been a symbol of the city, and not surprising, because it was Baiterek that marked the transfer of the capital from Almaty to Astana.
What is this monument? This tower is almost 100 meters high (to be precise, it is 97 m), which is crowned with a ball, the diameter of which is 22 meters. It is in the ball at almost a hundred-meter height that an observation deck is open for visitors, with views over the Left Bank of Ishim and numerous architectural ensembles of the city.

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Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

Do you want to see a real pyramid somewhere outside of Egypt? Such an opportunity exists in Astana, since the Palace of Peace and Harmony, designed by the English architect, has a cone-shaped pyramid shape. The design is crowned with a transparent dome and bird figures, which makes the composition complete and unusually expressive. By the way, under the dome is also an observation deck, from which you can see the city from a different angle. In the palace itself, in addition to the observation room, there is also a concert hall, exhibition centers and galleries, many interesting events and events take place here.

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Nur-Astana Mosque

When asked what to see in Astana in the traditional style, the amazingly beautiful snow-white mosque Nur Astana immediately comes to mind. The mosque has 4 minarets and the main dome, and its capacity is about 5,000 people at a time. The mosque is made in the classical oriental style and has a gold dome about 40 meters high.
The mosque was designed according to the project of the Lebanese architect, the main idea of which was the maximum symbolism and classics of the East. There is an architectural ensemble on the left bank of Ishim in close proximity to the rest of the sights of the capital of Kazakhstan against the background of futuristic buildings of the city center. However, this is just the case when the mixture of styles in the architecture of the city live harmoniously.

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Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center

Khan Shatyr "is a huge entertainment center. To build it began in 2006. The author of the project is British architect Norman Foster. Construction lasted 4 years and in 2010 the technological equipment of the shopping and entertainment center was completed.
The architect took into account the national traditions of the people of Kazakhstan, so the building looks like a transparent tent. Properly speaking, therefore, it was recognized as the largest architectural design that mimics the tent. The spire of the building reaches 150 meters high, and the total area of the building is 127,000 square meters. m.
The one who visits this place for the first time is surprised how such a huge dome holds. The mystery is in the special technology of placing supports and metal cables that converge to the top of the structure. The safety of the structure is ensured by the use of modern building materials that are resistant to temperature changes and sharp climatic changes.

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Duman Entertainment Centre

The entertainment center "Duman" is a 5D-cinema, and the exhibition area with models of famous historical monuments, and a lot of boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and the only aquarium that is located more than 3,000 km from the sea. Visitors here can stroll through the tunnel, arranged at the bottom of the largest aquarium and view over 2,000 exhibits of the underwater world. The oceanarium is considered the largest in the region and attracts a huge number of tourists, this is the main highlight of Duman. Underwater shows and performances with the participation of artists and marine inhabitants are arranged every day in one of the halls of the oceanarium. The show leaves an unforgettable impression and is the only one of its kind.