A fascinating and mysterious city in Greece, Athens has been the nerve center of literature, art and philosophy. The homeland of Socrates and Plato, the history of Athens begins a myth that attributes the building of the city to the goddess Athena. But Athens is not just history, myths and legends, it is also modernity, street vendors with their colorful clothes, taverns, nightclubs and outdoor theaters. Made even more beautiful by the 2004 Olympics, Athens is ready to welcome you and to take you through its magical streets steeped in history and its monuments that speak of adventures and conquests.

So the list of the best tourist places in front of you:

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The first place that deserves your attention in Athens is certainly the Acropolis that dominates the surrounding valley from a rocky spur. The Acropolis with its beautiful monuments is the universal symbol of civilization and the classical spirit and will immediately immerse you in an atmosphere full of charm and mystery.
The Acropolis is the largest architectural and artistic complex left by the Greek civilization to the whole world: a rocky hill where very important philosophical thoughts and ambitious political strategies have arisen. Make your entrance into a world that knows how to be ancient and modern at the same time.

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Ancient Agora

To try to understand what was once the agora for the Athenians, you just have to close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the imagination: it will not be difficult to hear the confused voices of the market and the disquisitions of the philosophers. Among these marvelous ruins pulsed the commercial, political and administrative heart of Athens and all the men found themselves here to make important political decisions and to conclude business. Right in the agora, in 399 a. C., the great philosopher Socrates was condemned to death because he was accused of corruption against youth. Here there was a historical injustice to which only Socrates' behavior gave meaning: despite the fact that he had been offered a way to save himself, the philosopher still wanted to serve his sentence by demonstrating to everyone the importance of respect for the law.

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National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens is among the 10 most important museums in the world for the vastness and richness of its collections. Greece is proud of this museum that traces the origins of this fascinating country and traces the path of all the cultures that have passed from here. All the heritage present in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens is divided into three sectors: on the ground floor, the section of the sculptures and the prehistoric one, where the origins of the history of Greece are traced, while on the second floor is the splendid collection of ceramics. It will not take just one day to admire the beauty of this museum, so it is better to turn it around calmly and plan another visit the following day.

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Do you want to buy some souvenirs or simply breathe some typically Athenian air? Go to the Monastiraki district, which, unlike its name suggests, has nothing of the silent and tranquil monasterial atmospheres, but buzzes with life thanks to the famous market that is held here.
The market of Monastiraki is an explosion of colors and liveliness with all its adorable junk, musical instruments, shoes, used clothes, cell phones, household appliances, CDs, videos and even caviar. More than anything between the alleys and the streets of Monastiraki which is also the treasure chest of beautiful churches and monuments to be explored. Follow the flow of life of this neighborhood with its street performers, bars and outdoor cafes and sellers ready to bargain with you: beware of big business, because they could turn out to be big bluffs.

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Syntagma Square

Syntagma Square is the heart of the city that still vibrates for the great historical events that have passed from here: even today it is possible that walking through this square you come across some heated protest.
The name "Syntagma" can be made in Italian as the Piazza del Statuto or Piazza della Costituzione and refers to the majestic facade of the parliament at the base of which is the monument to the unknown soldier guarded by the "Evzones", guards with the characteristic Greek costume. Syntagma Square is one of the main tourist destinations of Athens for its tormented history and for its proximity to the most interesting and fascinating areas of the city

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Plaka is the elderly lady of Athens: an area inhabited for about 7,000 years that has not been affected and modified by the excavations. Because of its unaltered appearance, Plaka is one of the most touristic areas of the city with its characteristic shops, Byzantine palaces and churches, monuments just hidden by small streets and numerous souvenir shops and special objects.
A pleasant walk in this neighborhood will make you feel fully involved in Athenian life: a nice typical dish in one of the outdoor restaurants, some street music, a fun puppet show, a couple of walking photos and why no, even your name written on a grain of rice, and you can say that you have tried and experienced all that this characteristic place can offer you.