The coziest of all cities of Soviet construction, Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, is a diverse, noisy and direct city, the focus of the republic's wealth and its historical and cultural center. For the first time mentioned in the chronicles in 1420, Chisinau has since steadily, though not always aesthetically, grown right, accommodating Roma and Jews, Ukrainians and Bulgarians, Turks and Russians. Today in Chisinau, you can equally explore the sights, walk-in picturesque parks, spend time in museums or restaurants.

So the list of the best tourist places in front of you:

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Rose Valley, Chisinau

Park "Valley of the Roses" in Chisinau is one of the popular parks of the city. Located in the Botanica Park micro district was laid back in 1968 on the territory of about 145 hectares, where there was a natural forest and there was a whole plantation of roses. In the Soviet years was called "City Park of Culture and Leisure. Lenin. " It was in honor of this plantation of roses that the park received the popular name "Rose Valley".

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Chisinau ZOO

The Chisinau Zoo, which was founded in 1978, is the only zoo in Moldova. The zoo is in close proximity to the Botanical Gardens and covers an area of 8 hectares. Today, there are about one thousand animals that are representatives of the fauna of various continents, including Antarctica.
Visitors to the zoo can see such rare animals as lynxes, moufflons, lions, tigers, many representatives of birds - a golden pheasant, polar owl, eagles. Enthusiasm for children is also caused by aviaries with numerous hoofed animals. Especially popular is the exhibition of exotic birds and reptiles. The large lake, which is located in the central part of the zoo, has become home to waterfowl - wild ducks, swans, and storks

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Organ Hall, Chisinau

The Organ Hall is one of the main cultural and architectural sights of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. This tall structure, decorated with a sculpture of an angel with wings and lying stone lions in front of the front and black entrance, will not leave indifferent any passer-by.
The building was erected in a classic monumental form with the addition of romantic elements. A distinctive feature of the structure is the integrity of the image and strict proportions. This expressive image is promoted by sculptural groups and the outline of the dome.

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Moldova National Opera Ballet

The National Opera and Ballet Theater of the Republic of Moldova in Chisinau is a popular place for holding various cultural events in the city, on the stage of which both famous stage actors and students of the Choreographic College perform.
The theater of opera and ballet began its history in 1956 with the premiere of the opera "The Stormwind" by D. Gershfeld. In 1956-1970, a repertoire was formed, covering works of both local authors and the world's lyrical heritage.
During the period 1970-1991, The theater continued to develop and flourish: the repertoire was enriched, new artists came, technical equipment was improved, and so on.

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A.P. Chekhov Theater, Chisinau

A.P. Chekhov Theater is one of the many popular theaters in Chisinau. This dramatic theater was born in Tiraspol in 1934. Moving in 1940 to Chisinau, the theater found war and had to wander as much as before 1944, when the theater troupes forever found their home.
In the long creative biography of the theater, there were different periods, there were periods of recessions, of which, it seemed, there could be no way out. But invariably there was an update. Until now, viewers with experience, with a warmth remember performances staged by fine directors, where brilliant actors of the A.P. Chekhov Theater were shining.

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Ștefan cel Mare Central Park

Ștefan cel Mare Central Park is one of the oldest and most beautiful parks in Chisinau. Located in the heart of the Moldovan capital, it has been regarded as a favorite holiday destination for most local residents for almost two centuries. In Soviet times this park was named in honor of Alexander Pushkin, who once loved to rest here. And after the collapse of the USSR and the independence of Moldova, it was named after the most revered Moldovan ruler Stefan cel Mare.
The park, occupying an area of about 7 hectares, has 7 entrances. At different times there were swimming pools with fountains, various monuments and sculptures, the city Hall of Fame and a children's cafe. Nowadays in the park, there are more than 50 species of trees and shrubs, among which are rare Pissard plums, Chinese wisteria, Canadian cannon, and many others. The age of several trees already reaches about 160 years.
The modern park of Stefan the Great is widely used as a venue for various festivals and celebrations.

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Triumphal arch, Chisinau

The Victory Arch is a triumphal arch in the center of Chisinau, located on the square of the Great National Assembly (Stefan cel Mare avenue) next to the square of the Cathedral. This majestic white stone structure with a height of 13 meters, square in plan, has in its basis 4 pylons and 16 adjoining columns and consists of two tiers. Massive supports of the lower tier form through openings of a rectangular shape, they are crowned with an intermediate cornice with an elegant frieze, decorated with white glaze. Above, on each of the four facades, stone arches are made, forming a separate level, designed for the special movement for the clockwork and fixing the bell. All this is crowned by a stone vault. The upper tier also ends with a cornice.

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Lake Valea Morilor, Chisinau

Valea Morilor is an artificially created lake on the Durlesta stream in the western part of the Moldovan capital - Chisinau.
The lake is located in the Central sector. Its area was 34 hectares, its length is approx. 800 m, width - approx. 400 m, the average depth is approx. 4 m. In July 2006, an ecological catastrophe occurred on the lake, after which it began draining for the purpose of cleaning and subsequent filling with water, which was completed in 2013.
Around the lake there is a park "Valea-Morilor". In addition to the lake there is an amusement park "Aventura Park", cafes, squares, places for walking and rest.
Near the park, actually entering its structure, is the exhibition center "Moldexpo" with the "Museum of Soviet Sculpture" (open-air). In the park area of about 114 hectares, various exhibitions and concerts are held, mass festivities take place.

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Chisinau Botanical Garden

This place is crazy to all the residents of the city, every summer here crowds of people are walking and resting, but no one interferes with each other. A huge number of different plants and a mature style of ancient castle gardens make this place truly magical. Most often come to photograph magnolias and blooming sakura in the spring.
104 hectares and a lot of sections, among which the arboretum, in which the trees and shrubs of completely different species, growing on the same earth, under the same sky, are presented to the interested person. Flower sectors, subtropical, tropical ...
All of them simply can not be counted, it must be seen! Gardens under the shade of trees, pools, ponds, and lakes will not make you melt from the heat. Especially the garden was chosen by birds. Having passed around the Botanical Garden Chisinau, you can say that you have bypassed the whole of Moldova. The fact is that the whole of Moldova consists of hills. Water the plants directly from the lake. It is believed that the Botanical Garden has collected the most record number of plants throughout Moldova. Every day, workers work by crossing different types and types to get completely new ones.
It is especially recommended to visit the Botanical Garden during April or May, as at that time the pink magnolia starts to bloom, driving everyone who looks at it crazy.